Thursday 14 October 2010


Homemade Vanilla Extract/Hjemmelavet Vanilje Ekstrakt/香荚兰属精[xiāng jiá lán shǔ jīng]

Vanilla beans are very expensive. Thus, make full use of it, extract every single goodness out and make your money stretch. Here is one way how:

- Left over vanilla pods
- ¾ cup vodka, brandy or rum
- Small baby food jar with lid

1. Chop beans lengthwise to fit the small glass jar and add vodka.

2. Let age in a dark, cool place for 2 months or longer, giving the bottle a good shake every once in a while.

3. As you use the vanilla, add more vodka now and then. Just remember to give it a good shake.

Lasts for years. However, vanilla beans should be replaced every 6 months. Just take the old vanilla beans out and add fresh beans into the jar.

You can use the old beans after you have "brewed" your vanilla to make vanilla sugar or blend it and add it to your ice-cream or dessert.

Vanilla extracts and all other liquid extracts contain a high amount of alcohol. Thus, it is not suitable for babies or small kids. When using vanilla as a flavoring for your baby food, it is more suitable for babies, if you use vanilla bean. However, you could use vanilla extract for adding to foods that are cooking or baking as the alcohol will cook off.


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