Friday 15 October 2010


Part 2: How do you incorporate the activities into your baby/toddler's routine?

By making a schedule including the main activities such as meal time, nap time, etc. and then fitting the rest of the holes with other activities.

This is Part 2 to my earlier post

I learned a lot from other mothers who shared their sample schedule in their blogs. Here is a sample schedule of J's routine on Sundays (at 19 months). We have not achieved it yet, but this is my goal. With this post, I am commiting it to God to be accountable:

6 or 6.30am: Mommy wakes up, get change and prepare J’s breakfast

7 – 7.15am: Breakfast – Super porridge with vegetables

7.15 – 7.30am: Helping mommy clean up – load dishes into the dish-washer/counter-top/sink

7.30 - 8am: Potty (training) time, wash and dress

8 – 8.20am: Learning time - reading with mom, reading on my lap

8.20 – 8.40am: Blanket time + egg timer near the stair case with a toy, board books, teaching how to stack blocks, shapes, colours, letters, etc.

8.40 – 9am: Breakfast with the family

9 – 9.15am: Skype time with grandparents

9.15 – 10.30am: Chores time – sorting socks, bringing clean clothes to his room

10.30 – 11am: Lunch - Yogurt

11 – 1pm: Nap (2 hrs) (while mommy walks to church)

1 - 3pm: Church

4 – 4.45pm: Creative time – play dough, drawing, painting

4.45 - 5.30pm: Dinner with family, load dirty dishes into the dish-washer/counter-top/sink

5.30 - 6pm: Family time – cuddling, tickling, somersault, wrestling, bungee jump, etc. in bed

6 – 6.30pm: Put dirty clothes into the laundry basket, Bath time with Dad

6.30 - 7pm: Bed time reading with Mom

7-7.15pm: In bed, prayer and lullaby

7.15-7.30pm: Settle to sleep

7.30pm: Sleep (10.5 hrs)

7.30pm. Couch time for Florian and I

- BabyWise


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