Saturday 2 October 2010


J Summary (18M27D) - Language Development

Lots of development in the language department after J crossed the 1.5 year old (18 months) mark. I expected him to be much slower than average due to the exposure to 3 different languages, but he seems to be progressing along the average milestone curve - to my delight.

J could say "yu" - fish in Mandarin for some time, but only after repeating after me. Today J initiated saying fish in Mandarin for the first time, when he saw pictures of fishes.

Today, J could point to the right animals such as pig, oat, horse, cat, snail, rabbit, panda, etc. when I asked him where that animal is in Mandarin.

Two weeks ago (17.9.10), he said his first Danish word "brød" - bread in Danish. Sometime this week, we heard him saying "bil" - car in Danish, when he saw vehicles passing by.

A month ago while we were in Paris (28.8.10), J invented his own words and said "vov vov" for dogs (the Danish way for making the sound dogs make), "coo coo" for birds and "nan nan" for vehicles.

Two months ago (23.7.10), J started saying "oh oh", when he did something accidentally wrong, "hej" - hi in Danish and "ya zi" - duck in Chinese.

He is more of a parrot though, repeating most of the things we say. Thus, we have to be careful about what we say, and set the right example.

He doesn't say anything in English yet, most likely because we don't speak to him in English, but we speak to each other in English.

J - 18M27D today.

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