Friday 15 October 2010


Part 1: What can you incorporate into your baby/toddler’s routine?

When J was just a newborn, I had been scratching my head over what to incorporate during wake times when J would begin to drop his naps one-by-one as he develops into a toddler.

Here is a summary of a list of “Time” to incorporate into a child’s routine from the books I read over the past 2 years, plus my own experience after lots of trial and errors:

1. Water Time - Baby-swimming, bath, etc. very good for stimulation, and thus, brain development. Unfortunately, since starting work, this is scaled-down to almost non-existent :-(

2. Music & Dance Time - very important for language development for babies and toddlers. Unfortunately, we are not good at this, thus I send J for music play school, or find whatever free music activities I can find by running around the churches and libraries all over Copenhagen!

3. Creative Time - Painting, drawing, etc. for toddlers

4. Learning Time on Blanket - Such as reading with mom on my lap, flash cards which J loves. The idea is that when you unfold the blanket, the child automatically gets into the learning mode. I do this every weekend morning with J.

5. Play Group Time - This is important for social development. Examples for us are the Chinese playgroup and my terrific Mother's Group, when J was a baby

6. Library Time - This is to inculcate in a child a life-long love for reading

7. Church Time – To us, this is very important to introduce J to God, but I haven't been very successful at it yet, as it clashes with J's nap time. Have to improve on it.

8. Skype Time - To get J to be familiar with technology, and at the same time, getting to know his grandparents over at the other side of the globe, thereby killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

9. Grandparents Time - A time to get to know the grandparents (haven't been too consistent. We have to work on this)

10. Outdoor Time - Cycling with baby, or toddler on tricyle, fruit-picking, zoo, etc.

11. Time with Dad - To do all the rough games like turning over, etc. This is something I sometimes have to remind Daddy.

12. Time with Mom - This is too easy to achieve, and sometimes way too much, at least for our family!

13. Family Time – Cuddling, tickling, somersault, wrestling, bungee jump, etc. in bed

14. Date Time - When the child is older, a special one-to-one day with Dad or Mom

15. Playpen Time - This is a form of independent playtime for babies.

16. Blanket Time - This is a form of independent playtime for pre-toddlers.

17. Room Time - This is a form of independent playtime for toddlers.

18. Potty (training) Time - J is not potty-trained yet, but he loves to sit on the potty enjoying his board-books

Looking at all the above, it doesn't leave much room for boredom or wasted time in a child’s life. There is SO MUCH to do. And this does not take into account the time it takes for Nursing Time, Meal Time and Nap Time. In fact, life with a baby/toddler is so busy, that it makes me dream of wanting to be a professional stay-at-home-mom, which is still a distant dream... I do live in a real world.

P.S. Please do share if you have more ideas to add. We can learn from one another.

- BabyWise


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