Friday 13 December 2013


Best Fun & Educational Toys (0 - 6 months old)

Toys for Babies 0 - 6 months

Here are some of the toys that Joshua played with when he was a baby.

1. Mobile and Gym

These toys provide interesting things for the baby to look at, thereby stimulating their brain development, when they are lying on their back. At some point, the baby will be encourage to bat the toys above him, training his/her eye-hand coordination:

2. Lie-On-Tummy Gym

This toy helps to encourage baby to be on his/her tummy. One of my favourites when Joshua was a baby:

3. Bright Toys

I love these bright and colourful Lamaze toys with faces. Joshua was very attracted to them, when he was a baby and had hours of fun. They stimulate the baby, especially when the baby is lying in the pram:

4. Toys for Pram

This is great to hand on the pram:

5 Toys to Encourage Baby to Turn

These toys are good for the crib and the pram and encourage the baby to turn to his/her side. When Joshua was young, I used it to encourage Joshua to learn to turn around:

6. Wrist and Foot Rattles

At this age, babies cannot hold things yet. These wrist and foot rangles are good for making sounds for the baby for him/her to notice his/her hands and feet:

7. Toys for Autocar Seats

One of the concerns I had is baby does not get enough stimulation when on the road, while I am driving. These toys are great for the autocar seats and solved the problem:

8. Rangles for Grasp

These colourful rangles are great for babies. They love to grasp them. I like especially the Chinese type with drums on the side. They are very interesting for babies to play with, and was the top favourite for Joshua:

9. Mirror
Let baby looks at the mirror and help him to slowly recognize himself:

10. Exersaucer

This exersaucer is great for baby around 3 months old and was one of Joshua's favourite, when he was a baby. It came with toys for baby to bat with, training his hand-eye coordination:

11. vTech Ball

This moving vtech ball is great for baby around 5 months old who are beginning to learn to crawl as it encourages baby to crawl towards it:

You can read more about some the activities here:

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