Thursday 12 December 2013


Monthly Calendar

Increasingly, J has been wanting to know how long he has to wait if it is 2 days, if it is in a few days, in a week or in a few weeks. He also ask how long is one month. He also asked how long it is to Christmas Day. A mother from his kindergarten taught me this. She drawn up a calendar for her son, and put down all events onto the monthly calendar.

At the beginning of each week, she will look at calendar together with her son, talk and prepare her son for the up-coming event. She taught her son to mark the passing of days by crossing out a day as each day passes.

I thought it is such a brilliant idea to teach the duration of a week and a month in a very concrete manner and I started to do the same with J. My friend has a calendar with pictures of dogs, but I just printed out the December month calendar from the internet.

I downloaded J's monthly calendar from here:

8 Dec. 2013 (4Y9M3D) - J crossing out each passing day from the calendar and find out the day of the month, so that he can match the day and open his advent calendar
Below is a video of J crossing the calendar:

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