Saturday 28 December 2013


Fun with Homemade Crystal Excavation

Age: From 3 years old

Objectives: To give children a taste of archeology, rocks, stones and crystals in a fun way.
1. Some playdough or clay enough to hide the crystals
2. 3-5 crystals or pebbles
3. 1 paint brush and 1 butter knife serving as "mining" tools
4. 1 tray

1. To make your own crystal excavation activity, simply hide the crystal in a lump of playdough, and leave it standing for 3 days to dry completely.

2. Give it to your child and let him/her explore and discover the crystals hiding inside the clay of playdough.

Additional Information:
I got this idea from the commercial crystal mining toy. If you don't want to spend money buying the toy, it is quite easy to make it yourself. Actually J had the same idea, and we experimented using playdough to serve as the "plaster" containing the crystals for mining. J could not wait to excavate his homemade crystal mining set :-)

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