Thursday 12 December 2013


J Summary (4Y9M7D) - Requested Early Bedtime

Tomorrow early at 7.30am, there is Lucia event at the kindergarten where the children from the Skolegruppen will dress in white, hold candles and sing. Thereafter, breakfast will be served. J was very excited about it. He said that he should go early to bed this evening so that he could wake up earlier tomorrow. So he went to bed already at 7.30pm. Although he had difficulty falling asleep, he did not give up his early bedtime and he fell asleep at 8pm. I was amazed at his sensibility and self-control at the age of 4.5 years old, and just want to put in memory.

P.S.: J also commented that he did not have to eat breakfast at home tomorrow morning, and that will save time.

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