Friday 13 December 2013


Best Fun & Educational Toys (2 Years Old)

1. Memory Matching Game

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

Here are some excellent and well-made jigsaw puzzles:

 3. Letters Fridge Magnets & Others

These toys provide a fun way to learn the letters. Pop together these fun popsicles to match uppercase and lowercase letters. Skills reinforced: Matching upper- and lowercase letter. Ages 3 - 6 years old:

4. Play Kitchen & Cutting Food Toys

These cutting toys are a safe way for children to practise cutting and at the same time encourage good eating habits. The toy kitchen can be added for children who like home-living pretence play. It would be ideal to be plaed in a kitchen for the child to be cooking along with mommy.

5. Birthday Cake
I like this toy, because you can insert real candles and practise blowing candle with your child without consuming all the calories. Children find it really fun!

6 Playdough

It is said to be essential for children to play with sand and water. I would say that playdough comes next. It encourage creativity in children and a good toy for find motor skills development.

7. Lacing Toys

8. Mosaic Peg Board

9. Wooden Train Set

10. Fishing

11. Trucks

12. Balance Bike

13. Musical Instruments

At this age, your child would start to know how to blow. It would be interesting for him to play with musical instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, etc.

14. Art Supplies

15. Rubber Stamps

16. Kid-Size Table & Chair

17. Baby Dolls

18. Montessori Knobbed Cylinders

These are Montessori cylinders and they are great for developing the child's visual perception of dimension as well as experiences in seriation. They are made of wood. They are pricey though. If I could buy only 1 of them, I would buy Cylinder Block 2:

19. Montessori Weight Box

This Montessori weight box is great for developing the child's ability to perceive and differentiate weights. This learning toy builds concentration, matching and focusing skills. Children compare the weights of these smooth wooden cylinders to discover a match. Color-coded dots on the bottom allow for self-correction. This tactile educational toy is ideal for the home, preschool or day care center. Ages 3+:

20. Montessori Rough & Smooth Boards

This toy helps to create a conscious awareness of the texture of surfaces and refine the tactile senses:

21. Geometric Solids

These folding geometric shape set provides a concrete way to teach Maths concepts of symmetry, perimeter, area, surface area and volume:

22. Bear Counters

These toys are excellent for sorting, learning counting, colours and pattern recognition:

23. Hungry Monkey Motor Skills Game

24. Junior Engineering Building Set


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