Wednesday 25 December 2013


Fun with Excavating Crystals


 Age: From 4 years old

Objective(s): To learn about archeology, rocks, stones and crystals in a fun way.

1. Crystal mining kit consisting of 1 plaster block with natural crystals buried inside, 1 digging tool, 1 brush, 1 magnifier and 1 fact sheet

2. Some newspapers

3. A small container/pail containing water to wash the stones after excavation

1. Simply spread newspaper out on the table and let your child have fun to hammer and dig into the plaster to find the crystal.

2. Study the crystal together.

3. Display it in a display case.

Additional Information:
J is into collecting stones. He will pick up pebbles and stones on the way home from the kindergarten, music school, etc. J got this Crystal Mining Kit as a Christmas present, so it is perfect. It is a holiday today and J (4Y9M20D) tried this. He had lot of fun with it. Here is a video of J having fun excavating crystal.

The process of excavating created a bit of dust, so remember to cover with newspaper before beginning and vaccumn after that. Dust can be reduced by doing this activity outdoor during summer time. J had his shower after that and enjoyed washing his crystals in his bath.

This is a fun and educational toy that I highly recommend :-) You can find it in Amazon here:

Don't be sad if you do not have the means to purchase all the different toys. This toy has given me inspiration on how I could create my own. Here is a post on how to create your own homemade crystal excavation set and it is very easy:

Below are some more pictures of J for memories:

Updates 27 Dec. 2013 (4Y9M22D)
J asked to play with crystal excavation again today. This time, we ran out of newspaper to contain the mess. I set up the activity in our bathroom instead and gave him a bath after the play. He had a lot of fun with it. Here are some pictures:

 Updates 6 December 2014
J having fun with excavating crystals and at this age, he loves it even more. He asked for more packets...
We tried the set from Tiger Denmark, but it was super lousy. Just one knock and the dinosaur came out.
The 4M set is more challenging and provides hours of fun. It is available from Captoy (
It is also available from Amazon:

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