Friday 13 December 2013


Best Fun & Educational Toys (3 Years Old)

Here is a list of toys I love:

1. Constructions

2. Board Games

3. Jigsaw Puzzles

4. Flash Cards

5. Toy Cash Register

6.  Calendar

7. Real Piggy Bank

8. Leap Frog Word Builder

9. Bicycle

10. LEGO

11. Tea Set

12. Tent

13. 4-In-A-Line Game

14. Easel

15. Kite

16. Ring Toss

17. Hammer & Nails Tack Set

18. Montessori Colour Tablets

These toys help to refine the child's visual perception of color.

19. Montessori Binomial Cube

The Montessori Binomial Cube is great for for teaching on Sensory & Algebraic concept:

20. Montessori Constructive Triangles

Such a set is a great tool for the child to experiment the various ways which the sizes and shapes can be divided and combined to form other shapes:

21. Montessori Constructive Blue Triangles

These are great for the child to explore equivalency, congruency and similarity:

23. Folding Geometric Solids

22. Wooden Pattern Blocks

This toy teaches a range of math concepts with these sets of wooden Pattern Blocks in 6 shapes and colors. Count, sort, explore symmetry, create colorful designs, practice linear and area measurement, etc.:

23. Lego Numbers and Mosaics Set
This is a fantastic Lego set that encourage the children to explore early math concepts, such as number recognition, sorting, sequencing, and mathematical symbols and concepts. Mosaic tiles teach about shapes, colors, and symmetry. Ages 3 up.

24. Bean Bags

Bean bags are good for tossing games, relays, juggling, hop scotch or even teaching Maths:

25. Montessori Phonetic Reading Blocks

These blocks are excellent for the Beginning Reader:

26. LEGO Letters Set

This is a great set to help children develop letter and sound recognition, and fine motor and language skills while building words. Ages 3 up:

27. Inflatable Float


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