Saturday 27 September 2014


Cozy Closet Night - Sleeping in the Closet

Doing something crazy and fun makes for fond memories with our children. This evening, we have our Cozy Closet Night, where J, mommy and daddy all sleep in the closet together.

How exciting and thrilled J was to get the chance to sleep in the closet! Years down the road, he is going to remember his childhood with fond memories about the crazy time together.

Throw in some fake candle lights (for fire safety) and you have made yourselves a cozy and snug den. I read J a Bible story, so that he associates fun with learning about God too. After all, God is the main creator of fun.

Thanks to Daddy for being such a good spot :-)

Most kids would like this. It is simple, does not cost a penny, but provides tons of fun! Try it :-)

Updates 29 December 2016: Here is how we prepared it:

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  1. Seeing your post is some timely, I'm in the process of upgrading small room and have already removed the doors off the closet, will not be putting any doors or drapes now. It will be used for many purposes including the impromptu visitor who can stay sleeping right next to the clothes or even amoung them if they so wish. I am looking for some fancy paper and faux fur rugs to put inside the actual closet, then put a single mattress next to it (the supporting struts cannot be removed right now) After that will be a table and large long mirror to help serve as a proper place to dress up and do makeup. Plus a computer so I can work on all my ebay listings. Nice to learn how you use your space for fun with the family, I must try this. Thanks so much for sharing. Donna Marks


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