Monday 1 September 2014


Montessori Activity: Static Addition with Golden Beads - Ten Place Value (加法 [jiāfǎ])

AGE: 5.5 years old

OBJECTIVE: To introduce the child to double digit addition


1. 2 Colored Bead Stairs (can be substituted with Golden Beads)
2. 9 ten-bars
3. 1 double digit addition worksheet
4. 3 felt pieces
5. 1 pencil and eraser


1. Arrange the materials according to the picture above.

2. Say, "Today we are going to learn how to add large numbers together."

3. Invite your child to read the first equation or you can also read it together, for e.g. 31+27=?

4. Point to the unit place value of the first addend in the worksheet and ask, "How many units are there?" Your child should answer 1.

5. Take the 1-red bead stair from the first set of Colored Bead Stairs and place it on the felt piece to the right of the worksheet.

6. Next, point to the ten place value of the first addend and ask, "How many tens are there?" Your child should answer 3 tens. If not, count it together with your child.

7. Take 3 ten-bars from the left felt piece and place it on the right felt piece to the left of the selected unit beads.

8. Point to the second addend and repeat the process. Invite your child to count out the unit beads and ten-bars from the second addend, i.e. 7 unit beads and 2 ten-bars and place them on the right felt piece below the first addend's collected beads.

9. Add the beads together by placing the second addend's collected beads together with the first addend's collected beads and count it out loud.

10. Write the answer on the worksheet and read out the question and answer, for e.g. 31+27=58

11. Invite your child to try with the next equation.


1 September 2014 - J tried this today (5Y5M27D). Initially he had difficulty counting the ten place value and kept counting it as units. After working through the whole worksheet, he is getting a hang of it, but I will go back to the decimal system and revise.


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