Monday 15 September 2014


J Summary (5Y6M10D) - Goodbye Teddy-Bears, Goodbye Toy Kitchen...

J has been playing with the toy kitchen from 1.5 years old. Today, he told me that he doesn't play with the toy kitchen anymore, and that he prefers to cook with me in my real kitchen - that's more fun. He said that his kindergarten's friend's sister really like his toy kitchen, when they visited, and he would like to give it to her. J is always willing to share and give his toys. This is something that Daddy and Mommy can learn from J.

He also told me that he has grown up, and that he would like to give away his stuff toys to his kindergarten. But he said that he will keep Stuart, Sally, Patrick and Panda :-)

It is filled with nostalgia for me to see J out-growing his toys, and I am sobbing a little, but very happy and thankful for the privilege of walking with J through his childhood for the last 5 years. These toys hold many precious memories, and those memories will stay with us, even if the toys will not. I have taken a picture of them to immortalize it.

Looking on the bright side, and I will start to taking the toy kitchen apart and free up our prime living space.

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