Saturday 27 September 2014


High-Rope Parks for Children

It was a very nice autumn weather Saturday with sunshine. We decided to go to the high-rope park at Frederiksberg after Chinese class. J tried the high-rope (klatring) for the first time today and he enjoyed it very much.

There are 6 tracks with different degree of difficulty:

Yellow track for small children from 3 years old
Green track for bigger children (min. height 110 cm)
Blue track (min. 120 cm)
Red track (min. 140 cm)
Black track for those who like to have an extra challenge.

You have 2 hours to try the tracks.

Klatreskoven på Carlsberg
Pasteurvej 8-10
1799 København V.

Tlf.: +45 2894 4648

Update 31 July 2017:
This park at Carlsberg is unfortunately closed as Carlsberg has chopped down all the trees to make room for building an international school. But the company has two other high-rope parks in other location. Check it from their website above.

Here is a listing of most high-rope parks in Denmark:

Klatreskoven in Glostrup:

Klatrepark Go Monkey in Søborg:

Klatrepark Til-Tops Frederiksdals in Virum:

Klatrepark Sidesporet in Holbæk:

Klatreparken Camp Adventure in Haslev:

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