Wednesday 9 September 2015


How to Encourage Self-Motivation in Children?

I have been thinking about this for a long time, thinking how we can "teach" self-motivation to J and JN. J needs to take responsibility for his learning and life. Yesterday, I thought of a way how - by showing him how some handicapped people are so full of thankfulness and self-motivation, which we can learn from.

Here is a Chinese girl with no fingers who plays the piano:

When J gets frustrated and cries for not able to hit the right key as he wants to... I encourage him with this video... and he was amazed. Though he could not play as well as her, it gives him the inner drive to try again.

The girl said in Mandarin:

"I don't think I am unfortunate. God has been taking good care of me. He not only gave me a pair of special hands, but he also gave me a pair of hands that could play out beautiful music."

Her ambition in life is to be a kindergarten teacher, so that she can play beautiful music for the children.

No matter how we are, we can contribute to the society, if we have the drive to believe in ourselves and in God.

Listen to it and be inspired. Listen to it and be thankful for all that we are given.

Here are a few more inspiring videos that you can view it together with your child:

A guy with no arms and legs play football, etc.:

Blind 5 year old plays piano:

A blind Japanese guy plays the piano:

Guy with no arms play the piano:

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