Monday 7 September 2015


J's Lunch Box - Danish Flag and Singapore Flag

Danish flag made of Danish rye bread and Singapore flag made with Singapore curry and carrot  

Top layer: 

Danish rye bread spread with pumpkin seeds, cucumber and smoked salmon topped with Danish flag made of Danish strawberries and cheese; 

Homemade Singaporean chicken curry and rice with the Singapore flag of crescent moon and 5 stars made of carrots.

Bottom layer clockwise from left: Raspberries stuffed with raisins; apples; sweet corn; peas; radishes; mixed nuts of pecan, almonds and goji berries.

A card to J...

with message:

Dear J

You heard the news about the refugees.

You asked questions.

You are too young to understand...

How heart-breaking it is to see families and children fleeing the country they call home, and risking their lives in search of a future elsewhere.

You are blessed that you call two countries home.

Love and treasure your countries. As the Chinese proverb says, "没有国,哪有家" - meaning where there is no country, there is no home.

Love the world.

Help and pray for those in need.

As you grow in knowledge and skills from school, use them to help others.

The Bible teaches us:

"From those to whom much is given, much is expected." - Luke 12:48

Inspired by the refugee circumstances and Bill Gates' mother:

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