Saturday 5 September 2015


J Summary (6Y6M0D) - J Working On His First School Project... and My Thoughts on the Danish Education System...

The Danish education system is very good in cultivating the love for learning in children.... something which the Chinese and Singaporean education system have not quite been able to achieve.

J (6Y6M0D) got his first school project on Monday, and he has been pestering us the whole week to guide him with it. 

This is J's first ever project in primary school. It is a reading project. He is supposed to read a book and talk about it in class. It is also going to be his first project presentation in class.

We hadn't found time during the week to work with him. Today, he woke us up at 6.30am to do his homework on a Saturday morning! But we didn't manage to crawl out of bed.

This afternoon, we did the project as a team:

1. Mommy defined the presentation strategy. 
2. Daddy implemented the strategy in Danish. 
3. Daddy and J did the project together. 
4. And Mommy rehearsed with J.

Before: J was so sad that Daddy did not have time to do his project with him. 
After: J was so happy that Daddy took time to do the project with him.

I took it close to my heart and hope that his eagerness will continue. It is unfortunately not due to my credit, but to the credit of the Danish education system and his fantastic teacher!!!

Having went through the Singapore education system and now being exposed to the Danish education system, here are some of my thoughts:

1) The love of learning is very important and the education system and school play a HUGE influencing role.

2) Parental guidance and support in doing homework is vital. The Danish work-life balance better allows families to better able to do so.

3) No amount of tuition can replace parental involvement.

4) I am firmly convinced of my decision of going on reduced work time.

5 September 2015 (6Y6M): J rehearsing his presentation (the video is in Danish)

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