Friday 11 September 2015


Teaching Volume to Children


1. 2 packets of 1 litre of milk of different shapes (Call it Packet A and Packet B)
2. 1 big bowl
3. 1 measuring jar
4. 1 cup (optional)


1. Ask him whether he thinks if the two packets contain the same amount of water, or which contain more water.
2. Have your child fill the 2 packets with water to the brim.
3. Have your child pour the water out of Packet A into a measuring jar stopping at a specific mark i.e. 500ml. 
4. Empty the water into the mixing bowl and re-use the measuring jar.
5. Continuing in the same way by pouring the remaining water into the measuring jar, and emptying it, and see how many measuring jars can pour into.
6. Re-peat the same for Packet B.
7. Your child will find that they both contain the same amount of water :-) - They both fill 2 measuring jars of 500 ml.

Additional Information:

J and Daddy were talking. J asked which packets hold more water. J said that the chocolate milk packet on the right. Actually they both contain 1 litre of milk. So Daddy let him try out and find out himself. So Daddy thought of this simple experiment of letting J get a taste of volume.

10 September 2015 (6Y6M5D)

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