Monday 28 September 2015


J Summary (6Y6M23D): The Blood Moon

28 September 2015 (6Y6M23D): The drawing of the blood moon as seen by Joshua

This morning, our Little FECS woke us up, when the alarm clock rang at 4.10am. I was really tired. Daddy and him put on their warmest clothing with winter hat and gloves and got ready to go out. I dragged myself out of bed and join them. We saw the blood moon outside our home near the canal. We decided to walk to the lake for a good view. So we walked to the lake and saw near the jetty. To our surprise, we were the only ones there... well, nearly. There was also a man who came with his professional camera, trying to capture pictures of the blood moon. I regretted not getting his contact so that we can see the pictures he has taken

We could not capture a good picture of the moon, as our camera is getting old. We did try to take a picture of ourselves for memory. But it was very dark, and the picture did not turn out so well.

The next time this is going to take place is in 18 years. By then, our Little FECS would be 24 years old. I wonder if he would still want to go with us and see the blood moon... thus I treasure today. Daddy, our Little FECS and I held hands and Daddy said he was really happy to see this rare phenomenon with us his family. Thank God for today, and thank God that I managed to drag myself out of bed.

This evening after coming home from piano class, our Little FECS sprang straight away to draw the blood moon we saw at the lake this morning. We had to ask him to stop for dinner. After dinner, he continued drawing... I will upload some pictures later.

28 September 2015 (6Y6M23D): Can you see the blood moon?

28 September 2015 (6Y6M23D): For memory... at the lake 4.30am in the morning... to see the blood moon...

28 September 2015 (6Y6M23D):Joshua got very inspired and started drawing the blood moon after he came back from school and piano class....

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