Sunday 4 October 2015


J Summary (6Y6M29D): School Life in Denmark...

J: "Mommy, I don't have to go to the birthday party of so-and-so in class. Today I will go. But next time don't sign me up, ok. There are too many birthday parties. I have already been seeing my classmates for the whole week, I don't have to see them again in the weekend. I want to spend time with daddy and you."

Mommy: "What about your own birthday next year, don't you want your classmates to come too?"

J: "No mommy. You can just bring muffins to class. That is enough. I don't need a birthday party, I want to spend time with daddy and you."

J: "And mommy, I don't need to have so many play dates. I want some time on my own, to breathe, rest and reflect, and to spend time with dad and you. I already played with my friends the whole day in school. That's enough."

Mommy: "Ok, our sensible boy. Now we can breathe without guilt :-)"

Ever since J started school, we are overwhelmed with the volume of activities from his school and class. Their school emphasizes a lot of play dates, the Danish way, which I have come to agree that it is a very good way for the kids to know one another well. However, the Danes' emphasis on this social aspects can be a bit overwhelming... The kids' parents in his class are super on as well, at the same time, they are also suffering some burnouts keeping up with the suggestions from the parents' commitee.

There is the school party, school play, school Christmas party, class party, parents' only party, camps, monthly group play dates, monthly class outing with parents, monthly cinema visits for the kids, individual play dates, and individual birthday parties (with 22 kids in a class)... and a list for me to keep track here. We are struggling to find time for ourselves, for church, for extended families, for old friends and all the other aspects of life. And it is good that our boy is thinking the same.

We only have one child. Some parents in his class has 3 children in the same school. This means for them 3X all the activities for each kid!

And I take it close to my heart that our son still want to spend time with us... how long will this last... we better cherish it while it lasts...

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