Saturday 17 October 2015


Date One-On-One (DOO) with Daddy - LEG LEGO® ARKITEKT

It was the school autumn holidays. Mommy FECS had to work. Our LittleFECS had no school, thus it was the perfect opportunity for DOO (Date One-On-One) with Daddy FECS.

First, they did some practical things - running to the car mechanic to change the car's tyres into winter tyres. 

Then they took the train into Copenhagen for the building with LEGO activity for kids by the Architect Center. 

It cost 95 DKK per person to participate. There are thousands of white and transparent bricks to build from. The architecture university students were walking around for assistance (but to be honest, they didn't offer much help, so that was a little disappointing, after paying so much for this event). It were mainly parents who were building with their children. 

But there were lots of LEGO building models for inspiration, and my, some of them were really impressive. There were many parents there with their children, but as you could see, it seemed that the parents were having so much fun building the LEGO architect models, they looked more engrossed and absorbed than their children - some very lucky children here with such wonderful parents indeed :-) 

Daddy FECS built 4 houses. As Daddy FECS completed a house, our Little FECS copied and follow and build the exact copy. Then they put the 4 houses together and a top tower structure. Our FECS model paled in comparison, but it was the fun and the process that count :-) Our Little FECS learned to build a house.

Thereafter, Daddy FECS and our Little FECS shared a burger for snacks at Copenhagen Street Food located at the trendy PapirØen before heading home after a long cozy but wet day. Daddy FECS got home very tired. 

At dinner time, I asked Daddy FECS a wicked question: Which is more tiring, to go to work or to go out with our Little FECS? Daddy FECS said going out with our Little FECS is more tiring. It is more relaxing to work in the office. Now Daddy FECS knows how it is for full-time moms with kids 24/7 :-) But then our Little FECS burst into tears. He felt hurt. He said I asked a very dumb question.

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