Sunday 25 October 2015


"Skildpadde" Dad

We visited a Singaporean family for play date today. His friend, JT, completed building the highest level of LEGO technique model meant for 11-16 years old, already by 6 years old. J said, "That's because JT has both tiger mom and dad combined."

Mommy: "So what about you?"

J: "l have a tiger mom, and Danish "skildpadde" dad (meaning turtle in Danish)."

Interesting, so I asked: "What is a "skildpadde" dad?"

J: "Slow, calm, sweet, loves to sleep and doesn't do much. I have to drag him along :-)"

Daddy FECS and I had a good laugh.  We didn't know that such a term exists in Denmark, until Joshua described it.

But it seemed both father and son are moving towards being more tiger. The first thing we reached home, J went straight to build his LEGO with Daddy FECS. Thanks for the inspiration JT and family :-) It worked like magic :-)

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