Friday 9 October 2015


J Summary (6Y9M5D) - Got First in Class for His First School Sports Day

Today is the school's Sport Day. They called it "motionsdag." Each kid is supposed to run as many rounds as possible within a given time, but at least 2 rounds. Each round is 1.7 km. For every round they ran, the teacher marked a cross on their hand.

The day before, J slept late, as he insisted in doing his autumn holidays homework, although he had more days to finish it, and it was not urgent. But he wanted to get down to completing it as soon as possible. Today, when he woke up, he was very tired. He said that he needed to sleep more, otherwise, he would not be able to run. But of course, we didn't have the time for him to sleep a little longer.

J (6Y9M5D) ran 5 rounds totally 8.5 km - the most number of rounds from his class. There was one other boy from another class who ran 5 rounds. The other kids ran between 2-4 rounds.

I asked J, how he managed to run so many rounds. He said that while the other kids stopped after 2 rounds, and went to play, he didn't think that it was so fun to play. He thought it was more fun to run. So he continued running until time was up, and that was 5 rounds. I asked if it was hard running. He said yes, but he was also very happy after he finished running. I am impressed at his determination and endurance.

But in the future, I should insist that he go to sleep, and not do his homework.

Here was J looking glum this morning because he did not have enough sleep.

This was the homework that kept him up. He was supposed to draw a counting story for Maths class and tell the story during the class after the autumn holidays.

Here was another homework he completed coloring yesterday.

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