Sunday 24 June 2012


J's Lunch Box

J 's lunch box consists of stir-fry tofu with rice, strawberries, water-melon, cucumber, radish, biscuits with cheese dip treat and carrot (behind the cheese biscuits).

J was very happy when he found the biscuits with cheese dip at Netto. He requested it, because his classmates are having it in their lunch box. He said that he would only get to look at them, during lunch.

I took a label at of the biscuits. It contains many E numbers, not healthy at all. But my heart melted with images of him looking sadly at his classmates enjoying this cheese biscuits, while he had none. So I decided to add a pack into his lunch box. Sometimes, I have to go with the crowd. However, I am limiting it to once a week only.

This is also the first time, I am introducing radish. I doubt J would like it, but I am encouraging him to try new and healthy vegetables.

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