Monday 11 June 2012


J Summary (3Y3M6D) - Loves His Home Improvised School Bag

J is at an age ready for school bag. I took out this blue hand-me down from his nephew this morning. J saw it, and loves it straight away. Thank you very much, K :-) He wanted to bring it to the kindergarten, but I told him that mommy needs to find a way to put on the fastener. He understood it and explained that to Daddy.

J's kindergarten requested for backpack with a "fastener" to secure the shoulder strips. Such a backpack for a child is crazily expensive in Denmark (at least 350 DKK) and we could also not find one that we like. It would also be a waste not to use this blue backpack. I found an old brown belt and thought of an idea. I cut it and attach to the shoulder strips.

On my day off today, I took the chance to work on this. I am really not good at sewing and at times like this, I really miss my own mum. But I managed to make it work, although the stitches aren't very fine like my mum's. I recall with fond memories my mum lovingly mending stuff for me one stitch at a time. I love my mom for all the work that she puts in. My mum is great in small things. I understand it more now that I have myself become a mom. It is not in making big career that counts, but in the small things that moms put in. I now have the chance to do the same for J. I want to remember this.

J was elated when he came home this evening and saw it. He tried it on immediately and refused to put it down for dinner. He is looking forward to using use it at the kindergarten tomorrow. It is nice to be able to reuse old stuff and not have to throw it away, and at the same time seeing J so happy for it.

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