Thursday 14 June 2012


Montessori Activity: Sorting Buttons

Age: From 2 years old


1. 1 bowl containing 10 buttons of 4 different colours each.
2. 4 smaller clear containers or bowls.
3. 1 tray or mat.

1. Demonstrate to your child by the buttons by colours into the smaller containers.

2. Invite your child to try.

Additional Information:
Joshua (3Y3M9D) requested to look into his Montessori book today and picked this activity. At this age, he could sort the buttons very well. In a sense, it was not challenging enough for him, but I have run out of ideas for more challenging activities. Joshua said that those buttons look like coins and requested the next Montessori activity to be on real coins and buying things. Hmmm... I would have to think about how to design such an activity.

All Done
I got this idea from below:

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