Saturday 2 June 2012


Montessori Activity: Arranging Containers by Height

Age: From 3 years old

Objective(s): To teach the concept of tall, taller and tallest


1. 6 containers of different heights
2. 1 basket
3. 1 tray


1. Place the bottles in a basket and place them on the tray.

2. Ask your child to arrange them, and ask him how he would suggest to arrange them.

3. If your child has trouble arranging them, suggest to arrange them by height.

4. If your child has trouble arranging them by height, demonstrate it to him.

5. If your child still has trouble arranging them, reduce the number of bottles the next time.

Additional Information:

J tried it 2 weeks ago. He could arrange it, but only after giving him some clues.

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