Thursday 7 June 2012


J's Lunch Box

Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to show off J's lunch pack. I just need to motivate myself to make a decent lunch pack for J. The best way that works for me is to blog about it.

I tried to cut down on blogging and stopped posting J's lunch pack. Then something happened - his lunch packs took a turn from good to bad to worse, deteriorated in direct proportion with my drop in blogging.

It is my responsibility to make J's lunch pack since he started day care at 10 months old. That hasn't changed, now that he has entered kindergarten. Lunch is not provided by the kindergarten, and parents have to make them.

The pathetic state of J's lunch pack appalled my Superstar, and he started to make them himself for J. But we are all busy with our division of labour, and I should not add more burden on my Superstar's shoulders. Finally, I told myself that I need to shape up.

So here I am back to blogging about J's lunch pack. Somehow knowing that I will blog about it takes away the agony of the mundane of this work, and this responsibility becomes fun again!

This lunch pack I have made is nothing to shout about and it is certainly not done to the nods of Japanese' moms. But it is decent and considered one of the best in the past one year. (You can now imagine how bad all the lunch packs had been!)

It consisted of plain wholewheat pasta (no dressing at all), plain cucumber sticks, carrots, red pepper bells and water-melon. It is very plain and very healthy. You may wonder if J would eat it. Usually the lunch box comes home empty, except with the cucumber untouched. There might be some red pepper bell left. J loves pasta, even if it is plain and he usually eats up the raw carrot stick as well as the water-melon.

How about you? Do you dread the routine of cooking for your family or children? If so, you might want to consider blogging about it. It helps to bring back the joy of working hard and caring for your family. At least it works for me that way.

The lunch box came back empty, except for the red pepper bells left totally untouched and two sticks of cucumber. I am surprised that J actually ate the cucumber. This was the first time, he actually touched cucumber. I am glad that I persevered and kept re-introducing cucumber into his lunch box.

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