Tuesday 19 June 2012


Montessori Activity: Teaching Concept of Heavy & Light

Age: From 3 years old

Objective: To teach concept of heavy and light in a fun and tangible way.

1. 2 plastic cups
2. 1 hanger
3. 1 metal ruler
4. 2 thick books
5. 2 strings of equal length (approx. 30cm each)
6. 1 container of different items to be weighed (we use small animal figurines here)

1. Stick the ruler with the end jutting out of the edge of the table/window and press down the other end with 2 thick heavy books, so that it would not fall.

2. Tie two paper cups with the string on each end of a hanger and hang the hanger onto the ruler and you have created a balance.

3. Place objects into one of the cup and see what happens. Place another object into the other cup and see what happens. Show your child which is heavier and which is lighter. Say, the cup that is lower down is heavier than the cup that is higher up.

4. Invite your child to try and experiment, and in the process he would learn the concept of heavy and light in a fun and tangible way.

Additional Information:
Joshua (3Y3M14D) tried this today, and he said it was very fun. He did not allow me to remove the "balance" from the window, and wanted it to stay. I will gather some other objects and try again tomorrow :-)


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