Tuesday 5 June 2012


Fun with Traffic Safety Education

Age: From 3 years old

J had fun with the toy car today, and we took the opportunity to incorporate some traffic safety education.

Don't despair, if you don't have an electric toy car. It is not necessary. You don't need to have an electric toy car to teach traffic safety education to children. Here is a post that I have done on teaching traffic signs to children and how to make the traffic signs yourself.

Additional Information:

Our little yellow toy car, Joe, has a special story behind it that we would not forget. Joe embarked on a journey crossing many seas unknowingly fraught with many perils from Singapore to Denmark... It was saved only by the kindness of someone and finally made it safely here. We picked it up from the Copenhagen port and brought it home today. Joe got reunited with J today.

My dear old father found little Joe abandoned by the rubbish place in Singapore. He took it home and spent a lot of time repairing it. He was very proud that he has managed to repair it and that made him feel useful as a person. He wanted so very much to give Joe to our 3 year old son as a gift. He took a lot of time and effort to find a shipping company in Singapore to ship it to us in Copenhagen. He paid the price that costed more to buy a new toy car, but that was how much my dad treasured Joe. After all, he saved him. I tried to be understanding. But the journey to our home was met with even many obstacles and troubles, and we were shocked that we had to pay more money to redeem Joe! We almost lost Joe for good. My dad was very sad and had some sleepless nights. I had to spend lots of time trying to solve the issues. We are so glad that it was all over now and we could move on.

I am sorry, this post is supposed to be about traffic safety, but I got carried away with the story of Joe.

Our Joe is a simple chap that ended up costing much more, but we are very happy to have him in our family, because we want to honour my father, but you can find more fanciful ones from Amazon:

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