Wednesday 20 April 2011


Activities for Babies (0 - 1 Year Old)

I am compiling a list of things to do with babies (0-1 year old) from various sources and books, including materials from the Virginia Baptist Church Children Ministry:

1. Hang toys above baby crib for baby to look at.
2. Put a colorful picture in baby’s bed to look at.
3. Take infant cot, swings and jumper chairs outside or near big window to look at trees and leaves.
4. Lie on tummy on play blanket.
5. Bring Baby for baby-swimming.
6. Play with non-breakable mirrors.
7. Rolling on Exercise Ball
8. Play with “Touch & Feel” Book.
9. Read and sing nursery rhymes.
10. Read bible verses to baby.
11. Hang a wind chime in your room.
12. Paste baby's photo on side of the changing station for baby to look at.
13. Place a CD player to play classical music and lullabies for baby when he sleeps at night.
14. Let Baby swim in balls.
15. Take infant cot, swings and jumper chairs outside or near big window.
16. Play with wrist bells.
17. Play with colorful plastic bangle bracelets.
18. Make “bell socks” for infants by sewing a bell on the toes of brightly colored socks.
19. As baby is fed, place a colorful sock on the bottle for them to see and feel.
20. As baby is fed, place a non-breakable mirror for him to observe himself.
21. Homemade Baby Board Books
22. Baby massage
23. Enjoy bubbles preferably outside.
24. Let baby hold a rattle.
25. Let baby play with activity centres.
26. Let baby play with exersaucer.
27. Let baby try to crawl after a vtech ball.
28. Let baby play with snow
29. Let baby play with ice cubes.
30. Let baby touch pine cones.
31. Let baby see and touch a large pumpkin.
32. Place several apples in a large plastic bowl for baby to see and touch.
33. Let baby play with xylophone.
34. Let baby play with balls
35. Enjoy water play using a dishpan with 1 inch of water in it.
36. Play music using a pot or pie plate and a wooden spoon.
37. Play with snap-lock beads.
38. Place several flowers inside a clear plastic/glass bottle/jar. Supervise!
39. Make an eye-catching toy by using colorful bits of ribbon in a clear plastic bottle.
40. Play with measuring cups.
41. Play “Hide ‘n Seek”, hiding a toy under a blanket.
42. Have a busy box in the baby’s crib.
43. Make a coffee can drum.
44. Use a goldfish in your room or bring baby to aquarium or pet shop
45. Toss a bean bag and let the baby crawl after it.
46. Put pillows and boxes on the floor to make an obstacle course for the crawling baby.
47. Provide a large bean bag chair for babies to sit on and crawl on.
48. Play with a shape-sorter.
49. Count blocks as you stack them.
50. Read books on a blanket inside or outside.
51. Use a plastic hammer with a pounding bench.
52. Play with plastic containers or ice-cream tubs.
53. Sing songs about Jesus.
54. Make a tunnel out of a large box or buy the IKEA tunnel toy to crawl through.
55. Bring a large pillow or quilt to read books on.
56. Set aside a drawer in the kitchen for baby
57. Pushing trolley
58. Build a tower of blocks for Baby to knock down
59. Count blocks as you stack them.
60. Bring baby to art museum for visual stimulation
61. Stack-a-rings
62. Bring baby to playground
63. Play with edible dough.
64. Play "Pat-a-Cake".
65. Show baby photo album of himself, Daddy and Mommy

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- Virginia Baptist Church

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