Thursday 7 April 2011


J Summary (2Y1M2D) - Growing into a Romantic Little Chap

A Romantic Little Chap

Starting from last week or so, J would come over to plant a surprise kiss complete with the smack sound on my cheek and said "ma ma". Then a big smile on his face. That really melt my heart. He did the same to Daddy. That's his way of showing love to us. It is so rewarding with children. The joy that such love gives is really wonderful!!! Since Monday, J has been home because he has chicken pox, thus we has been getting more kisses from him.

Language Development

J's language is getting more sophisticated and I really marvel that how toddlers learn to talk!!! He is talking more in complete simple sentences now. It is really a gift God gives to human. J can now add so-called past tense to his sentences in Mandarin (so-called past tense, because in Chinese we add the word already to indicate that the event is passed). He would say "niao fei zhou le", "huo che shui jiao le", "huo che zhou le" meaning the bird flew away already, the train has fallen asleep, the train has left.

J would also say "Kaien de ma ma", "Kaien de yi fu" meaning J's mom, J 's clothes, etc. He now knows how to use the word "de", making it more grammatically correct in Chinese.

J is clearly aware that he is a separate individual now, and his favourite lines nowadays from the moment he wakes up are... "Kaien de huo che, Kaien de xiao xiong", etc. meaning J's train, J's teddy bear, etc.

J said a full sentence in Chinese today, "Wo hai yao bing gan" meaning I want more biscuits, but literal translation from Chinese is I still would like to have biscuits.

J said in full Danish sentence "Nu kommer toget" and he also said "Nu kommer fugle" meaning Here comes the train... here comes the bird.

Beginning to be able to reason with J now

Most books say at 3 years old, the child would understand reason. But I find that J can understand reasoning at 2 years old. I would tell him the pre-condition before we go to the supermarket is that he must listen to mommy, and that he should not just take sweets, etc. on the shelf. I would make him promise it. He would nok his head. Each time, I have an agreement with him beforehand, the trip would be more pleasant and he would remember his promise and be more conscious of showing good behaviour. This has happened twice. The same goes for train ride. Before the train ride, I would tell him that mommy will bring him for a train ride on the pre-condition that he listens to mommy, holds mommy's hand and accepts it when mommy decides that the train ride is over. I would make him promise and so far, he has fulfilled it. He would sit properly on the seat, until I told him that he could get up to see the view from the window.

But of course, he is not a prefect angel. He likes to whine a lot, and I am trying to reduce whining and found this advice in BabyCentre

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