Friday 8 April 2011


J Summary (2Y1M3D) - Turning Chicken Pox into a Fun Educational Time

Amy and J are both having chicken poxs, but Amy has it more serious than J. It was funny for them to meet each other and see each other's "dou dou".

J woke up this morning with chicken poxs all over his body. Being naughty, I teased him by bringing him to the mirror. To my surprise, he looked down and refused to look into the mirror. I realised that at 2 years old, he was conscious of how he looked!!! I started encouraging him to count the "dou dou" on his face. He pointed to the "dou dou" on his face and on his hands. I also took the opportunity to teach him the concept of opposite. I asked him whether mommy has "dou dou" and he said "mei you" meaning no in Chinese. I then asked whether J has "dou dou" and he said "you" meaning yes in Chinese. I asked him whether Amy has "dou dou" and he said "you".

Then I asked J whether he knew why he had "dou dou" and not mommy, which of course he did not. I took the opportunity to explain that he is sick and mommy is well, and that the "dou dou" will go away, when he recovers.

We also differentiated "ban dian" (flat spots) from "dou dou" (poxs). Thus, today, we learned counting, the opposite concepts and the difference between flat and concave, all thanks to the opportunity that the chicken pox has given us.

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