Monday 11 April 2011


Playing Jigsaw Puzzles (From 2 Years Old)/拼图玩具 [pīn tú wán jù]

I believe that jigsaw puzzles are very good training for the brains and have encouraged J to play it. However, J showed no interest for jigsaw puzzles, preferring books for a long time. Although I was a little disappointed, I just let it be, as children are all different, and I did not want to push him, unless he showed interest himself.

But around two years old, he began to develop interest in them and recently he is very much into it. Yesterday (2Y1M5D) and this evening, we played with jigsaw puzzles during the bedtime routine. He then laid the jigsaw puzzles out in a line and started counting them.

J is doing very simple two-piece puzzles now, such as matching animals with their food, matching animals with their habitat and matching the upper and lower part of the animal body together.

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