Thursday 21 April 2011


J Summary (2Y1M16D) - Room Time Breakthrough

J playing in the room with the door closed
J playing with Kitchen toys

J taking his snack
The day started out a little rough, but ended well. It has been a very fruitful day today. We did Montessori Activity (washing dishes, but it ended up with J abusing the materials!), had a cozy Blanket Time together with teddy bear reading the teddy bear book, Room Time, Fun with English class, Fun with Chinese class with Amy and a picnic in the forest with Tue & Tine and Rigge & Mads family.

Finally after 1.5 months of persevering and after approx. 5 sessions, today was also the first time, J played by himself with fully closed door during Room Time!!! But I relaxed the rules by allowing him a snack of goji berries and water and picking his own toys. It was very cute - he asked for Goji Berries refill by sticking his hand out of the door with the empty plate, indicating that he had now understood that during Room Time, he is to stay in the room.

I used the timer, as usual with initial 10 minutes and adding 10 minutes and 3x5minutes. So altogether, the Room Time today lasted approx. 30 minutes. But J did step out for a moment, because he wanted to eat, and I had to put him back in between.

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