Thursday 28 April 2011


J Summary (2Y1M24D) - Taking the Role As Our Translator

I am trying my best to talk as much to J as possible during this sensitive period for language. Yesterday (J:2Y1M23D), I said to J, "妈妈要去冲凉了。" meaning mommy is going to take a shower. J then turned around and said to daddy, "Mor bad" in Danish meaning mommy is bathing. J has started translating Chinese Mandarin to Daddy!!!

For the past week, I noticed that whenever a crisis struck J, such as when a dog came running after him, the language that first came to his mind which he used has been Chinese Mandarin "不要", meaning no.

J started talking Chinese Mandarin to Daddy. He will say, "不要" to Daddy, meaning no, instead of saying Danish "nej".

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