Monday 11 April 2011


Fun with Language through Puppet Theatre Play for Toddler

Age: From 2 years old

1. To train child against stage fright and to perform in public.
2. To provide a fun way of teaching language through interesting story-telling with the use of a stage.

1. 1 Play Theatre
2. 3-5 puppets
3. A book to enact the scene after reading it

1. Read the book to your child.

2. Pick a scene that is suitable to be enacted out and act it out for your child.

3. Encourage your child to try.

1. You can depict a biblical scene after reading a children's Bible story to your child or in the church nursery.

2. Sometimes, it can be rather monotonous to recite Tang dynasty poems. Thus, we hope to be able to incorporate that into theatre play, but I haven't found the time to implement all my ideas yet!

3. When the children are older, a shakespeare scene can also be enacted.

1. Play theatre: approx. 30 DKK from the flea market (you can also buy it from Amazon, but it is expensive, or make it yourself using card board or 4 planks of wood)

2. You can get finger puppets from IKEA.

Additional Information:
This is a brillant idea by my friend YL, who introduced it to her then 2 years old daughter, A. I don't have a play theatre yet, but will be looking out for it. A is getting really good at it, and above is a picture of her performing for us during our Chinese Playgroup on 12 March 2011. It is very inspiring to J too.

I hope I can introduce this to our church's nursery one day.

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