Saturday 2 July 2011


Quick & Easy Toddler Rice Noodles

Preparation & Cooking Time: 15 minutes

- 100g dried rice noodles
- 2 frozen homemade french bean baby cubes
- 2 tsp Chinese sesame oil
- 1 tsp Chinese oyster sauce
- 500ml water

1. In a pot, boil water for cooking the noodles.
2. Meanwhile, thaw the french bean baby cubes in microwave.
3. When water boils, add noodles and boil for 2 minutes until cooked. Drain and set aside.
4. In a bowl, mix the sesame oil, oyster sauce and french bean baby cubes and noodles together and serve.

Additional Information:
Joshua doesn't like to eat green vegetables, thus I use the puree french bean baby cubes as dressing. In this way, I hide the vegetables. Joshua ate this for dinner today, and he asked for second helping. I think it is the oyster sauce that helped.

The picture does not look so appetizing because I over-cooked the noodles.

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