Friday 29 July 2011


Mess-Free Montessori Activity: Montessori in a Tub

Joshua's days of doing Montessori on a potty in the bathroom is numbered... as he is almost fully toilet trained now. I am a clean and neat freak! I need to think of new ways to allow him to play, yet, kept the mess to a minimum. I really envy moms who can take all the mess. It is a talent I do not have. It gets me really distress when everything is in a mess, and I freeze and could not function. I thought of this idea - Mess-Free Montessori in a Tub. He can play with pouring water, beans, flour etc. all within this tub.

I use a 50x39x26 cm transparent smart box as the tub.

Instead of using a tray to demarcate the activity, this tub serves to demarcate the activity. The tub is thus a walled-up tray.

Now I can feel free again to let him continue his activity, while still fulfilling my needs for cleanliness :-)

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