Friday 1 July 2011


Montessori Activity: Storage Containers with Screw-On Lids

Age: From 2.5 years old


1. 5-6 containers with lids nesting on top of each other containing a fantacolour peg each.
2. 1 set of tweezers (optional, the child can also just use his hands)


1. Open the lids by unscrewing and take out the pegs or use a pair of tweezers to take it out.

2. Put everything back and ask your child to repeat.

Additional Information:

J tried this on 2.7.2011 (2Y3M27D) and it was quite a hit. It was quite challenging for him and yet not too impossible. One never knows which activities would be a hit and which would not. Initially, I thought that this activity would not interest him, but it turned out otherwise. I hope to repeat it soon this evening, so that J have a chance to perfect the screwing and picking with tweezers skills.

I kept making the mistake of interrupting his work. I should try to take a step back and allow him to struggle. That is one of my major weaknesses.

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