Thursday 7 July 2011


Montessori Activity: Self-Service Snack Bar for Toddlers

Age: From 2.5 years old

1. A few recycled jars or containers filled with raisins, dried crane berries, nuts, biscuits and seaweeds
2. Small basket containing fruits such as apple, pear, orange, banana, etc.
3. 1 Jug with drinking water
4. 1 cup
5. 1 towel for wiping hands or toilet roll
6. Bibs

Additional Information:
There are two schools of thoughts – the first school of thought believes that having the snack within reach will encourage the toddler to eat non-stop, while the other school of thought believes that having the snack within easy reach would make snack loses its novelty appeal, and stop the child from always wanting to eat snack. I am testing this out by putting the self-service snack bar within reach and see which school of thought Joshua would be leaning towards.

Notice that I use toilet roll in place of kitchen roll. I know it is not so elegant, but it is very practical and has the following benefits:

1. It is in a kid-friendly size and much easier for a child to handle than a kitchen roll.

2. It gives practice to the child how to tear a piece of toilet paper nicely. In fact, Joshua can tear a piece out nicely almost all the time now.

3. It is much cheaper than kitchen roll- during training, there will be inevitable wastage, and your child is going to use a lot of this, thus why not save money, after all it is made of the same material.

I will revert to the nicer and more proper paper napkins when he is older :-)

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