Saturday 16 July 2011


J Summary (2Y4M11D) - Can Count Up to 7 Objects

This morning during blanket time, we were reading this book. J pointed to the parrots one-by-one and counted all five in Mandarin. Excited, we turned over to the next page, and he counted all by himself the 6 sunflowers. We then turned the following page and he counted all by himself the 7 zebra, abid a little slower than the 5 parrots. We then turned to the next page, but he got confused and did not manage to count the 8 penguins.

This is one of his favourite board books, and we have been reading it since he was a baby. We bought it from Popular Bookshop in Singapore. It is very simple, yet clear in the explanation and has very attractive brightly coloured illustration. The publisher is from China.

Seems to Understand Addition & Subtraction

A few days ago, during breakfast, I sprinkled some raisins (3-4 if I remembered) in his cereal, I took up away and fed him, and ask him how many was left. He answered correctly. Then I added 2 more raisins, and asked how many there were. He answered correctly. Then after eating all the raisins, I asked him how many there were left. He answered with that it was empty, no raisin left.

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