Tuesday 19 July 2011


J Summary (2Y4M14D) - Reciting Tang Dynasty Poem 回乡偶书

During bedtime this evening for the first time, he could recite almost the whole 回乡偶书. I would say the first 2 words of the line, and he would recite the rest of the line. Daddy heard it from downstairs and he came up very excitedly. J repeated it again for Daddy. However, he could not quite consistently recite the last line of this poem.

He could say 1-10 very well in Mandarin Chinese without any help from me for some time now. This evening, he could say 1-10 in Danish but missing out the number 6. This evening, he could say 1 - 10 in English if I would recite it to him once through first, but he would miss out number 8 and not very consistent.

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