Monday 11 July 2011


J Summary (2Y4M7D) - Using Chopsticks for the First Time at Daycare

After letting J practised with eating with chopsticks for 2-3 times, I have decided that maybe he can use chopsticks at the daycare too.

I packed rice noodles with french beans and black bean baby cubes and a pair of chopsticks for J's lunch box today. I asked J whether he ate with chopsticks at lunch and he said he did.

The noodles box came back empty and the chopsticks looked used. So it had been successful with chopsticks at the daycare today :-)

J asked for more noodles, so I am going to repeat this tomorrow. How wonderful that he is doing "Montessori" with chopsticks by himself at the daycare while mommy is at work.

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