Wednesday 9 November 2011


J Summary (2Y8M4D) - Started Showing Interest in Lego

J began to show more interest with Lego Duplo after 2.5 years old. This evening, he stacked the tall thin tower almost all by himself. Daddy commented that he is clearly more systematic now. Now it seems like he has an idea of what he wants to build. But we couldn't say that it is creative though - as he basically just wants to build towers!!!

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime routine is time-consuming, yet special. I will hug him, and he will hug me, and I will hug him and he will hug me. He couldn't bear if I leave the room and tears would roll down his eyes. I could understand, because it feels so lonely to be alone in the room. Actually I couldn't bear leaving the room too, yet I must. Otherwise, he could not sleep, and I could not get my chores done. It is such a privilege to just cuddle together and cherish the moment. I thank God for giving us J. Yet I think of the day when I have to leave Daddy and J behind for good... that's a very sad thought, but it is a fact of life. No one escapes it. For now while it lasts, dear God, I thank you and count my blessings. Help me dear God to think of the positives.

Lanuage Development

I am having a terrible cough for more than a month now, and it is really starting to bother me now, as it is affecting J's language development. I could not read to him as much as I like to, and I could not sing with him as much as I like to. The nasty cough is getting in the way. I really have to pray hard that it will go away, as the off-the-shelf medicine doesn't seem to work. His Danish is progressing, but not much for his mandarin, since I am having trouble talking clearly with my cough.

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