Sunday 27 November 2011


Montessori Activity: Teaching Letters with Playdough

Age: From 2 years old

1. To teach letters in a fun way.
2. To train fine motor skills.

1. 1 sore-bought or homemade playdough
2. 5 Letter moulds
3. 1 child's size rolling-pin (from IKEA)
4. 1 tray

1. Show your child how to mould a letter.

2. Invite your child to try.

3. Store it in the fridge until ready to be used. Let it thaw first, it will be easier to work with.

Mold your child's name

Additional Information:
Joshua tried it today, but he was rather sceptical about tasting it. But once he took the first bite, he was hooked :-) Thereafter, he spent more time tasting than playing with the dough. So an edible dough can be distractive.

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