Monday 21 November 2011


Montessori Activity: Practise Pincer Grasp with a Playdough Peacock

Age: From 2.5 years old

Objective: To provide a fun way to practise pincer grip and fine motor skills

1. Some feathers (if you don't have feathers, you can use toothpicks and make a poccupine instead :-))
2. 1 lump of store-bought or homemade playdough

1. Demonstrate to your child how to insert the feathers into the playdough to form the tail of the peacock.

2. Invite your child to try.

Additional Information:
Joshua is still not very good with his pincher grip. I have some feathers at home and I found this fun idea from My Montessori Moments. I also made my own playdough for the first time today. So I decided that I am going to let Joshua try this activity. I think it looks more like peacock than turkey, thus I am claling ours a playdough peacock.

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