Thursday 27 April 2017


Cauliflower Snack

Ingredients & Directions:
1. A few raw cauliflower florets sliced thin using mandolin
2. A drizzle of olive oil
3. Salt & pepper to taste
4. A few drops of sweet potato sauce
5. A bit of thyme as garnish

Additional Information:
I am always in search of healthy pre-dinner snack for our Little FECS when he comes home from school hungry, but it is not dinner time yet. This is a simple snack I got inspired and adapted from our experience at Laboca.

I am not sure if our Little FECS would like it, but at least I like it a lot, so I can serve as a role model for him. After all, aren't eating habits acquired from homes?

If he doesn't eat it, I will just keep it for our dinner to serve as a side dish. I am sure Daddy FECS would gladly finish it :-)

This is another way of eating the cauliflower and including it in our diet.

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