Wednesday 26 April 2017


WestMarket Copenhagen

We had our date day today, which we call our FECS Day :-) Today, Mr. FECS suggested that we visit the recently opened WestMarket at Vesterbrogade Copenhagen. A perfect choice and really fun to be a tourist for a day and try out new places in Copenhagen :-) It was also raining, so it was good that it was indoors. It was our first time there. 

Here is the link to their website: 

Here is the address:
Vesterbrogade 97
Copenhagen, Denmark

We told the S-train into town. Baby FECS was crying and couldn't go down for her nap, so we decided to walk from Nørreport down Strøget the pedestrian street and took our own sweet time for a long walk to the WestMarket. Baby FECS fell aslep at 12pm. 

It is like a gourmet food court with different restaurants, delicacy stores and also two supermarket. It is very suitable for mother's group, as high chairs are provided. We actually see many Danish mothers with their babies having a cozy time here.

  We had lunch at the Laboca - highly recommended.
The Chef and his assistant seemed very passionate about their work and creation.

We tried the Danish tartar dish - it was simply heavenly, the best, a must try.

 We tried the pork cheeks dish and it was very delicious too. It came with sweet potato chips that they made it themselves - really good. It was our first time trying sweet potato chips and I couldn't wait to go home to try to make them myself. It was also our first time trying the sweet potato sauce that came with it. I must say, the Danes are very creative with their dishes and with using natural ingredients.

This is the cauliflower dish, yet another interesting and delicious dish that provided inspiration for my dinner-making for our kids. They grilled the cauliflower on the pan. They also ct thinly raw cauliflower and dressed with their own homemade spinach sauce, cauliflower sauce and lemon sauce - all simply just puree. It gave me inspiration what I could make out of baby puree food that I made for Baby FECS and turn them into nutritious and delicious sauce. 

I went home and tried making the sweet potato sauce myself, although I haven't quite figured out how to make the spinach sauce. Their spinach sauce looked very bright green. I suspected that they added some color to it? Didn't really have the guts to ask them though.

The dessert Churros with chocolate sauce wasn't so special or fantastic though.

Lastly, here is a little picture of us for memory :-)

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